Injury and accidents to teeth sometimes are unavoidable. However, the most important fact to consider is to visit an emergency dentist regularly or only when the dental pain is unbearable. Ignoring or delaying dentists is dangerous for your health and can be painful. It may also lead to dental emergencies. Hence, going for annual checkups helps in maintaining dental health to optimum.

A dental emergency involves problems with gums and the teeth. It may be minor or major dental pain. It may not only affect the teeth, but it may also include parts of the mouth. When such conditions go ignored or undetected, severe and dangerous complications may occur. Some of the dental emergencies include severe toothaches, gum injuries, unexplained tooth loss, knocked or fractured teeth, gum disease and few more.

Trauma to teeth and oral cavity due to accidents or sports injury qualifies as a dental emergency. A dental surgeon must attend damages happening to the nerve. Ignoring dentists in such dental emergencies can cause further damage to the bones, nerves, and oral cavity. In case, you are uncertain of the situation or emergency regarding your teeth; you must consult your dentist immediately. Pain is an indication showing the damage of your gum or teeth. Hence, dentists advise patients to ask quickly if there is a dental pain.

Dental pain may be tolerated or sometimes highly extreme, but when it becomes unbearable it is important to consult doctors immediately so that it does not lead to the criteria of a dental emergency. Delaying treatment may result in progressive tissue and gum damage or teeth loss.

Pain is a symptom and some common dental pains include:
• A damaged or fractured tooth
• Gum disease causing infection
• Tooth root or exposed nerve
• Tooth decay, abscess
• Teeth grinding, cavity filling damaged

Resolving such dental pains is mandatory, and it must be done immediately. Ignoring visits to dentists can be painful as it may worsen the condition and eventually cost you a lot of money and time. Spotting symptoms in your mouth, while taking care of your gums and teeth is essential. It is also a must to watch for warning signs in your mouth and the symptoms to look for include bleeding gums, recurring bad breath, jaw, tooth or gum pain, irregular patches, lost or loose teeth and mouth sores.

In case you notice one of these signs, it is the time to see your dentist right away. Ignoring the dentist can be painful and needs further treatment and evaluation.